Aug 182013

As a part of the fall seminar series of the Georgia Tech Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL),for faculty, staff and students, I gave a talk on Wednesday, August 14th, titled, “Balancing Teaching, Research and Life: From Zero Sum to Smart Living.” Great turn-out and a ton of fun, with lots of lively discussion afterwards! Having to speak on this topic, something near and dear to my heart, afforded me the opportunity to codify my set of guiding beliefs in this context, my credo, which I call the Essentials for Work-Life Balance. I am including those below. I have developed similar credo’s on the Essentials for Effective Teaching and the Essentials for Effective Mentoring, and I will share those downstream. I speak on this topic to general audiences, and have a global webcast for the IEEE scheduled for September 10th.




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